According to the Bangor Daily News, Maine is one of the first states whose 9-1-1 system has the capability to now accept texts. The texts will not provide the location of the cell phone so it's very important to include clear information about your location and nature of your emergency in the first text, without using any abbreviations or slang.

The text can not contain any video or photo attachments. Cell phone users have to be in range of a cell tower in order for it to work, of course.

Using the text option to reach 9-1-1- should only be used when a voice call can't be made. Some examples of that are: if a person is hearing or speech impaired, someone who is experiencing a medical emergency which leaves them unable to speak or in the instance of a live shooter or home invasion when a voice call could be dangerous and give away the caller's location.

More than 69% of Maine's 9-1-1 calls are made from a wireless phone.

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