This heavy snow can damage roofs, especially flat roofs, older roofs or roofs that have issues. according to it's important to clear them off.

Here are some tips:

  • Hire an insured professional to do it, the combination of ice and height make this a dangerous undertaking.
  • When using a roof rake start from the edge of the roof and pull down just a few inches at a time, making sure to to stand back out of the way of the falling snow.
  • Leave two to three inches of snow on the roof to avoid damaging it. You don't want to scrape down to the shingles.
  • Watch out for power lines!
  • Knock down icicles before you begin.
  • Never use an electrical device like a blow dryer or heat gun. Water+Electricity=Danger!
  • Don't climb ladders to remove ice and snow. Get the right tool for the job, a roof rake or snow cutter!


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