It's the season of giving and though there are a lot of thoughtful shoppers out there, but there are also some who don't put as much consideration into their gift choices. Don't waste your time and money on bad gift-giving!

Good Housekeeping has a list of some of the worst gifts you can give. print this out and tape it to the bathroom mirror if your S.O. needs the help!

  • Re-gifts. If you don't want that $5 snow globe then nobody over the age of five will either.
  • Romance novels. Is Fifty Shades of Grey really appropriate for celebrating baby Jesus' birthday?
  • Exercise equipment/gym membership. Just, ouch.
  • Anything alive that requires feeding and care of any sort. Seriously, she may think puppies are cute but that doesn't mean she actually wants to house train one.
  • DVDs. There's a reason they are only five bucks now, there's a channel with that movie on it!
  • Store bought baked goods like fruit cake. Just tell them that you don't like them, don't be passive aggressive.
  • Skis or a snowboard. Lessons are expensive and so are the cute clothes. Rent for a while before pushing someone into committing to a sport.
  • A donation to a cause that they don't support. Maybe they don't care about the manatees or the rainforest?

I hope you get great gifts this year and that you hit it out of the park with your gift giving. But we've all been there, last minute gifts are the worse. What is the worst gift that you've ever given? Comment on our Fan Page.


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