We started off the week learning of a giant ice circle mysteriously spinning on the Presumpscot River in Westbrook. Looking like an alien craft landing reminiscent of the movie Independence Day, this curious spectacle has attracted an enormous amount of attention locally over the past couple days.

Now the incredible sight has gone on to be a national story. My wife and I had Good Morning America on as we were getting ready for the day at home in Westbrook. The story came on and we were like, "Hey, Westbrook made network news! Deecent!"

ABC News correspondent, TJ Holmes was here on the scene. With the X-Files theme playing in the background, GMA host Robin Roberts sends it from New York City to TJ in Westbrook. He jokingly starts the piece by saying,

"You don't need to Robin, go to the Great Pyramids of Giza. We have our own 8th Wonder of the World here in Maine." 

ABC GMA via YouTube
ABC GMA via YouTube

TJ chats with Westbrook Mayor Michael Sanphy who would like to seize this opportunity as a way to get tourists to visit the city. Now we need to find a way to preserve it. Gonna need a wicked big freezer, guy!

Everyone is wondering how a near perfect circle of ice this big could show up like this. ABC News Ginger Zee gives us the details of how this phenomenon occurred.

Watch the whole story here courtesy of ABC GMA on their YouTube channel.

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