What if we asked you what you thought the most popular film for Mainers to watch during the Halloween season was? It's likely that you would say it's a Stephen King movie.

With stories that have been adapted from his novels like IT taking place in the fictional town of Derry, Maine based on Bangor and Pet Sematary set in Aroostook County's very small town of Ludlow for instance, you would think one of his horror classics would top the list here.

Surprise. Not this time around.

I remember seeing this masterpiece thriller in the 70s and being absolutely terrified by it. The idea the our feathered friends would turn against humanity and kill, kept me from going near them as best I could for a very long time. I was afraid they would peck my little eyes out their sockets. Probably freaked me out even more because I was like 8 years old. I think it was on the Creature Feature from channel 56 out of Boston.

Here's a clip from The Birds with Tippi Hedren taking shelter from the attacking seagulls in a phone booth.

Watching it has got me wanting to freak myself out again with it at home tonight. Hopefully a crow or gull doesn't fly head first into my living window while I'm staring at the TV screen.

Here's a the whole US map put together by Comparitech of the Most Popular Halloween Movies in each state this year.


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