Well last Two Fer Tuesday we were all teased by 60 degrees. That really got us all thinking spring and getting the fever for more warm days. While we're very excited to set the clocks ahead and enjoy more light less than a month from now, we are about to be reminded that winter is far from over.

Looks like we've got a potentially wicked doozy of a snow storm headed our way Tuesday afternoon or evening lasting right through Wednesday. On the coast it looks like up to 6 inches mixing in with the (oh-so-familiar-this-winter) friggin' sleet. Inland parts of Maine are likely to get 6-10 with 10 or more in the mountains.

NewsCenter Maine's Keith Carson says on his Facebook page this one is "Good sized but not a monster."

Here are the latest times for it all to start falling from the National Weather Service in Gray.

So if you were running around in shorts and a t-shirt a week ago, forget about spring for now. Winter is back with what could the biggest storm yet, or not.

And like it or not, here it comes..."Snow Sleet Rain...Whatevah!"  Time to cue the Stahm Centah theme song and get the snowblower wahmed up.

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