According to USA Today, many football fans will be considering a huge purchase in preparation for Super Bowl LII, a new television. Is this really a good time to buy one? YES! I was shocked to find out that you can get the best prices of the year on high quality t.v.s right now, even better than Black Friday offerings. Stores will be rolling out new models in March and need to create shelf room. You can find deals anywhere from 22% to 50% off!

Here are some television buying tips:

  • Do your research online and at at stick stores. If you find a better deal, present it to a local competitor and they might just match it.
  • Resist the salesperson's upsell for store warranties, more expensive cables and installation. The manufacturer's warranty is just fine.
  • Know what you want in terms of size and features. Do you want a Smart T.V. and do you plan on using gaming consoles?
  • Don't get all excited and dizzy about the 4K televisions just yet. No T.V. networks broadcast in 4K currently and the Super Bowl won't be either. The prices for these televisions will settle down. You won't see much difference in picture quality right now and you'll lay out a lot of money for one.

Will you be buying a new T.V. for the Super Bowl, have you ever? Comment on our Fan Page.

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