According to WGME, the Scarborough Police Department will have a new member today. Meet Marlea Grace, the department's first ever community comfort dog. Marlea is a Saintberdoodle, she is hypo allergenic, low shedding and very friendly to other animals as well as people. Her job will be to comfort first responders, dispatchers and people who are at the station because of a traumatic experience.

Marlea will live at the station and be cared for by on-duty men and women who are sure to benefit from the affectionate pup at the end of a hard day.

The Scarborough P.D. held a contest to name Marlea Grace. There were over 1,400 entries and several were for the name Marlee. Officers drew a name and Wendy Cavers of Litchfield was the winner.

Marlea is pronounced as Marlee and is the combination of two names, Marcia and Leanne. Leanne Risbara was instrumental in bringing Marlea to the station in memory of her parents Rocco and Marcia.

The beautiful new comfort pup is expected to grow to be about 40 pounds.

Check out the Scarborough Police Dept. Facebook page to learn more about Marlea Grace.

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