My Dad and Uncle both served in WWII. Whenever I see a veteran wearing a cap that commemorates their time in any of the US Armed Forces, I am filled with respect for their service to our country and reminded of the sacrifices made by my father and his brother-in-law. In my lifetime, I have always been for peace, not war. However, I have always supported our troops. This news touched me and I felt that Blimpsters would want to assist in getting the word out.

The caps worn by our veterans often have special pins attached to them in remembrance of their story like the one worn by the handsome fella in this Facebook post from the Scarborough Police Department.  He unfortunately can't find his cherished Vietnam Vet hat.

According to the post,

"It is believed he lost it inside or in the area of Portland Pie Company in Scarborough."

If anybody in Blimpville happens to come across the hat he's wearing in the photo, please call the Scarborough Police at 207-883-6361 and ask for Officer Weed.

From The Scarborough Police Department:

Let's spread this article like crazy and get this very special hat back to a very special guy.

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