Time marches on and that always brings about change. The South Portland, Maine downtown area looks a bit disheveled now!

I had gone to the Griffin Club once in my life and it was a sweet experience. By the time I left there they knew my drink. Last summer South Portland residents were shocked to find out that their beloved Griffin Club was up for sale. It was sold to two woman that have a solid plan and want to welcome all customers that loved the dive bar there before. The Portland Press Herald reported last year that lady duo Ginger Cote and Penny Prior acquired the property and planned to rebuild the old broke down building for something new. It will be a sweet spot called Big Babe's Tavern. Ginger spent time weeks prior to the closing of Griffin Club to meet the locals and bartenders. This was so she could get a feel for the community. Flash forward to last week and the Griffin Club really is no more. Bulldozers moved in and tore the whole place down and it's quite memorizing to watch. Plus, who doesn't like watch total destruction!

Say bye bye bye to the Griffin Club in South Portland.

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