You just wouldn't ordinarily hear these songs back-to-back, but sometimes a little whip-lash is what's called for.

The most devasting example had to be when we made the move from the letter "C" to the letter "D":

"Cyprus Avenue" by Van Morrison, followed by "D.O.A." by Bloodrock. One of Van's most eloquant and lovely pieces, so fantastically pretty it's hypnotic. Then you get your seven minutes of bliss trampled by one of the most horrific-sounding one-hit wonders ever recorded. Most of you never saw (heard) it comin'. A ghastly moment.

"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" - Bob Dylan, followed by "Don't Touch Me There" - The Tubes. Primo acoustic Zimmy. Then it's an over-the-top Phil-Spector-ish Wall-Of-Sound satire that hits an 11 on the ridiculous scale.

"Happy Together" - The Turtles, followed by "Hard As A Rock" - AC/DC. We positively love the sound of a bouncy, sing-along '60's ditty getting shredded to bits by Angus and Malcolm's no-holds-barred follow-up. Both songs actually (kinda) share the same sentiments, but it's all in how ya get there...

"I Want It All" - Queen, followed by "I Want To Hold Your Hand" - The Beatles. In terms of pure classic rock sound, pairing these two might not qualify as overly weird. It's the titles next to each other that we found rather striking. One song wants everything, right the f--- now!!! The other song is so quaint in its intent, you almost forget how magnificent the actual performance is.

Also worth noting: "Hemispheres" by Rush, followed by "Henry" by New Riders Of The Purple Sage. Simply put, this would never happen anywhere else on earth but on your Blimp's A-to-Z. It's what we do.


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