It looks like Farmington, Maine is now a major entertainment destination. You see, this charming town up in ski country is home to one of just a handful of drive-in theaters here in the state.

Social distancing is something that has been easy to accomplish at these attractions all along. Looks like opening night went pretty well for our friends upta Fahminton.

According to the News Center Maine Facebook page,

" Narrow Gauge Cinema in Farmington opened its drive-in Thursday night with a sellout."

It's not just movies with Narrow Gauge at the drive-in in Farmington, they are bringing us live performances as well.

What better way to get that going than with Maine's own King of Comedy, Bob Marley.

We've been loving his daily Crona Watch 2020 updates on his Facebook page. But seeing him twist his face up and make hysterical observations of life in Maine during a pandemic live on stage is pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh till you pee a little.

According to his website, he'll perform 7 shows in Farmington on Memorial Day weekend May 22 through May 25. The shows are selling out fast. But if you're lucky, you might be able to still score some tix.

Here's Bob's latest hilarious Crona Watch video with a story about his cousin Wayne from Westbrook whose was recently in a "dicament" in the Shaw's parking lot.

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