Comedian Bob Marley

Wicked Funny: Comedian Bob Marley Checks In From Upta Camp
Uncle Bobby hilariously relates what we are all likely feeling when we are faced with prospect of waiting in a long line to get into a store. You see, Bob "desperately needs toothpaste". He's checking in with us from 'upta camp' where he's hoping there will be a tube he…
Wicked Funny: Uncle Bobby Takes Donny Water Skiing
This summer our favorite Maine skier, Donny Pelletier decided to try ridin' the lake for a change.
He went out for his hilarious "first" run with another wicked funny fellah, Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley.
Uncle Bobby recently went out with his boys on the Master Craft …
Time Difference Saves Bob Marley In Vegas For Game 7
So Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley is on vacation with his wife and family in Vegas this week. They have tickets to see Lady Gaga tonight or as he calls her, Lady Jahjah. When the Bruins won game 6 on Sunday to send it to Game 7 in Boston Bob of course panicked. How would he watch the Stanle…

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