This silly appliance brings me so much happiness, I just have to share it with you. It's the InStyler and it made it's debut backstage styling American Idol contestants back in 2006. When it hit the market I was skeptical, even after having watched the infomercial thousands of times. In a moment of desperation to make my hair behave, I dropped $100.00 on it at the Bed, Bath and Beyond in South Portland. I was amazed by my new fancy curling iron! I have been spreading the Good Word about the InStyler to anyone who looks like they battle frizz like I do. I have given 2 as gifts and I have a backup in case they stop making them-which they will because they are so awesome. Not since my  discontinued Mary Kay Opal Lip Gloss have I been so passionate about a product! And we all know that the best products get discontinued and vanish in a flash. I should probably pick up another one...

Here is the InStyler in action!

There are a few things that have impacted me in a huge way, G.P.S. is actually my number one game changer. What purchase have you made that has improved your quality of life or brought you immense happiness or comfort? Bluetooth? Ipad? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #cantgowithout.

Cheater glasses are now a must-have.


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