One of the best things we can do right now is to listen. Listen and learn. Then to turn that knowledge into action. And I've been learning a lot of late from some of my favorite athletes.  The Red Sox, Patriots, and Bruins have all been outspoken since the death of George Floyd, and I commend them for speaking out.  This Instagram post from the Patriots really struck me. The worlds are from "Sweet Feet" Mr. James White. We got to meet and get to know James a little bit when we had him after the Pats Super Bowl victory for a Q&A session at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center. He is a great guy!

"When we say "black lives matter" it is to raise awareness for the unjust treatment that we have been dealing with for far too long. It doesn't mean we hate America or the flag." Of course, ALL loves matter, we want to see changes because we can't keep seeing things like innocent people being killed or beaten..."


Check out this great video from the Patriots. The Kraft family has pledged a million dollars in the next 10 months to help promote equity in our communities.

 "Our eyes, ears, and hearts are open."

That's action!




Finally, if you want to listen and learn, check out this discussion about racism and the protests with two of our favorite Patriots players, Devin and Jason McCourty. Listen to the twins!



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