It's how small?! Wow, the new 2019 emoji list has been released, and it runs the gamut from inclusivity, adorable animals, small penises, tighty whities and menstruation.

There's a new "yawning" emoji but you won't need it for this list. Here's a little video that shows all of them.

According to, emoji inclusivity made a giant step forward this year with  the addition of service dogs, wheelchairs, prosthetic arms and legs, walking canes, hearing aids and much more to add to our conversations. There are also characters for interracial, same-sex and nonbinary couples.

USA Today had a different take-away, and noticed some of the more controversial choices. Do we really need an emoji to indicate a small penis? What's up with the tighty whities? The menstruation blood drop was added after a campaign led by a UK organization, Plan International, called for the emoji to help break down the stigma associated with periods.

My personal favorites are the sloth, the garlic and the new hair colors. Any suggestions for next year's additions, or comments on this year's. Hit up our Fan Page, let's hear it.

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