Holy ol' sh*t! Here we are back at work feelin' wicked lame after another back breakin' round of sholvelin this mornin'. We'd say most of us here in in Maine are about with friggin' snow and cold by now.

We're all countin' the days till settin' the clocks ahead this weekend, St. Patrick's Day the followin' weekend and and spring arrivin' (on the calendar that is) 3 days latah.

Our friends in Flooded Cellar from Lovell just released a new song that affirms how we all feel when we finally get into March. Winter can be done anytime now, please!

It's called "I've Just About Had It With Winter". Somethin' we Mainahs can all relate to right about now. This time the band is takin' a break so member Dennis Barker gets a solo spot. Great job, bub! Bring on the dandelions!

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