What are American's top New Year resolutions? Here's a list. I didn't make this one up. It's all official, from a real government website, USA.gov! They even provide tips on how you can reach your goals. I didn't read them though, because this year I am not taking part in this particular social experiment. I am too tired from four Christmas celebrations. Here's a list of some of the issues that I WON'T be taking on in 2015:

  • lose weight
  • volunteer to help others
  • quit smoking
  • get a better education
  • save money
  • get fit
  • eat healthy food
  • manage stress
  • manage debt
  • take a trip
I'm too tired for all that. I'm just going to nap while you watch these videos I found to support my slothenly lack of ambition.

These guys share my vision for self improvement over 2015.

I'm taking this year off, because, well...Here, watch this.

Good for you if you are going the traditional route and have decided (again!) to tackle an area of your life that could use some work. In a month, when  the pressure of having announced to God and your in-laws, that you intend to lose 30 pounds gets to you, join me for a drink, wings at The Great Lost Bear- and a nap.

You're awesome. Happy New Year.


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