Vanity of Maine is your one-stop on Instagram for everything that has to do with vanity plates in Maine. it's a treasure trove of vanity fun that keeps growing and growing each week. We love to check it out and always get a good giggle to see how fun and creative (and sometimes naughty) Mainers get with their license plates. What can you come up with just SEVEN characters?  Here are our top 10 finds of the week.


Number 10- BLL FRG.  We're guessing it has something to do with the color of this vehicle!


Number 9- TRBL SUM  It's always helpful when the driver gives us some insight into their personality. It helps us stay a few feet back.


Number 8- DADZLIF This one is for all the dads out there and the special relationship they have with their vehicles.

NUMBER 7- RUMBLE I bet this dude is ready to rumble anyplace, anytime, anywhere. Badass. Rumble, young man, rumble....

NUMBER 6-ZUKEEPR  This must be the car of a mother.


NUMBER 5 - FKME2  Enough said on this one. Kudos for slipping it through the authorities.



NUMBER 4- MCLVIN  Clearly a Superbad fan. Nice work.



NUMBER 3- ITS OKAY We liked this one a ton. With all the negativity out there these days, this vanity plate reminds the thousands of people that see it every day not to sweat the small stuff and that, indeed, everything is gonna be alright!



NUMBER 2- SNOSLDR Bet you 100 bucks it was towing at least two snowmobiles.



AND OUR NUMBER ONE MAINE VANITY PLATE OF THE WEEK-ILOV80S  Because we do too and we know so much about the owner just from this plate.I want to have a beer with this person.

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