Does EVERYONE have a vanity license plate in Maine now? It has to be because we have another batch of plates for you of which we’ve never seen before. NO REPEATS here on the weekly installment of Crazy Maine Vanity Plates from Maine, starring Morgan and his crew from Vanity of Maine. You would think, that after writing dozens of these that we would, at some point, have to recycle some.  But nooooooo. We have another “bumper crop” of insane, incredible, rude, and wonderful Maine plates for you.

Plus as an extra bonus this week, you can play a new game that we play here around the radio station. It’s called “Is It a Plate?”  Basically, you come up with your own 7-character plate idea. You put it into the State of Maine Vanity Plate Generator to see if that plate already actually EXISTS. Now you can play the game either way. You make it so if you get a “match” you win….OR you can play it so if there is no plate in Maine with your entry that you win. You may be surprised either way what craziness lurks on the roads of the Pine tree State.



Here are my picks for this week






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