There's so much gloom and doom out there. So much weirdness and confusion. We're trying to keep you filled with positivity and keep you going strong on the Blimp. Our friend Morgan at Vanity of Maine is doing the same. So this week we have POSITIVITY PLATES. None of your crazy political plates. Nada on the totally profane plates this week (don't worry, they'll be back next week). No negativity. No hate. Not even severe sarcasm this week. You see, in Maine, you can put anything, yes ANYTHING, on your plate if you can express it in 7 characters or less.

And btw you may want to play a fun new game that we play around the radio station. It’s called “Is It a Plate?”  Basically, you come up with your own 7-character plate idea. You put it into the State of Maine Vanity Plate Generator to see if that plate already actually EXISTS. Now you can play the game either way. You make it so if you get a “match” you win….OR you can play it so if there is no plate in Maine with your entry that you win. You may be surprised either way what craziness lurks on the roads of the Pine tree State.

OK, get ready to keep it positive!


Positive Plates!



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