After closing its doors almost two years ago to the day, Flagship Cinema in Oxford has reopened and re-branded itself as Flagship Cinemas Premium, and the newly renovated theater has some new perks.

On September 1 of 2014, the Flagship Cinema location in the Oxford Plaza closed its doors after 17 years in business, only to reopen again two years later as a premium theater.

Several renovations have been made to the theater that was converted originally from the former Shop 'N Save. Now it features wide, reclining leather seats, self-serve soda fountains and butter dispensers for popcorn and reserved seating. You can even buy your tickets and reserve your seat online so you don't have to get to the theater early to get the best seats.

The Flagship Cinemas Oxford Facebook page became active once again in July and announced the opening today.

The Falmouth Flagship Cinema also re-opened last month under the Premium label with similar renovations.

Now we can only wonder if the same re-opening and renovation will happen at the Lewiston location in the Promenade Mall.

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