It's not bad enough that our phones are ringing off the hook during election time for legit candidates and causes, now we are being targeted by scammers too. According to the Better Business Bureau we should keep our eyes open to red flags everytime the phone rings.

Here are some of the biggest scams:

  • Bad people impersonating candidates and politicians are using real audio clips of their voices then asking for a donation. Get over yourself, the President is not calling you at home!
  • False fundraising calls may be super aggressive and claiming to raise money for healthcare reform or other causes. Only give to well-established organizations that you have researched.
  • "Pollsters" may call asking you to take a survey and offer you a gift card or prize of some kind for doing so-hang up the phone! Legit polling companies don't do that. The criminals will ask for your credit card number to cover taxes and shipping for your "prize".
  • Disregard your caller ID, spoofing technology can make a call look like it's coming from just about anywhere.
  • Don't click on suspicious links, pull up an organizations web address in your URL.
  • Never give out banking information or personal information such as your social security number or credit card.

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