According to WGME, dog owners in Portland are going to have to toe the line and keep their dogs on leash because of Coronavirus.

Portland is full of dogs and their people out for necessary walks, but now those doggos will be on leash.

Portland City Councilor Kim Cook sponsored the leash rule change over concerns about social distancing.

The CDC has new pet interaction recommendations, and encourage us to treat pets the same as we do people when interacting. If they aren't part of your house hold, keep a 6 foot distance between other people and pets.

People in Portland walking their dogs, or being walked by their dogs, will have to have their pet on leash between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., according to WGME, and dog parks are the exception.

If your pupper needs to get their ya-yas out, hit up the dog parks on Valley Street or Ocean Avenue.

The Portland Press Herald reports that South Portland has also tightened up their leash regulations. Dogs in So Po are required to be on leash in public spaces from 9 a.m to 7 p.m. and must maintain a six foot distance from other animals and people who are not members of their household.

The regulation remains in effect until further notice and includes all the popular spots like Mill Creek Park and the Greenbelt Walkway, the newspaper states.

The regulation will be lifted by the South Portland city manager when So Po's state of civil emergency is over.

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