I visit Realtor.com several times a day because we are looking for a bigger house in South Portland. The pickings are slim locally, there just isn't much inventory as my realtor says. But believe it or not, Portland, Maine is number two in the country for a city this size that people from away want to move to. I think the time of year has a lot to do with what is available. Many homeowners wait until the spring to put properties on the market because houses show better.

Realtor.com comprised their list by looking at searches to determine where people from metro areas are looking at moving to, and areas where there are the more people interested in moving in than moving out.

Who's checking us out? Folks from Boston for one. Their median metro price is $499,950 and Portland's is $349,050. Commuting has never been easier with train and busses being accessible and the ability to work from home growing. Portland's job growth is also strong.

Portland, Maine. #Portland #Maine

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