I made my first trip to IKEA and now my stuff just sits in boxes!


No one went anywhere during the height of Covid. So my first big trip was to Stoughton, Massachusetts to IKEA! It's like the Disney World of put-it-together-yourself furniture. It's a 2 hour plus drive away. But we are making a 'mud room' and needed some cabinets - and even though it was a haul, this was the cheapest option.

Here is my car for the two hour plus drive home, post IKEA shopping.


Boxes and boxes of wardrobes (closets basically) to put together. Only after buying a ton of this stuff did I learn that there are no words to IKEA directions...just pictures.


Obviously a lot of people are the sad thing with the question mark and end up calling IKEA. How would you like that as your job? Answering confused frustrated people's questions. Anyway, the boxes have been sitting for a couple of weeks. Finding the time and the energy after everything that happens in a day seems impossible.

That's where Bygga LLC comes to the rescue. Bygga (Swedish for build) is a one-woman show. Shaelan Donovan has been putting together IKEA products professionally for five years as part of the Sven Delivers family. This year she launched her own company, Bygga, LLC. Sven Delivers doesn't just put together your IKEA stuff, they will go pick it up, return it or even shop for you. Shaelen specializes in putting all together.

I know why Shaelan in Portland does this. IKEA is overwhelming! I was absolutely exhausted when I left there. Although I did have the meatballs...the famous Swedish meatballs. Meh. I did enjoy the price.


I'm in the process of contacting Shaelan. I can't imagine putting together 6 wardrobes! I put together one tiny table and it took me forever! Bygga doesn't JUST do IKEA, she'll put together all sorts of things that come in boxes. But if you make that trip to Stoughton Mass and find yourself overwhelmed - help is in your own backyard!



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