Craigslist Xmas Coup!
It's a what, a Balloonicorn?! The current owner is looking for a loving home for this inflatable companion. It's adorable, but the owner feels she doesn't have the time to dedicate to this special pet.
First Car Keepsake?
Beyond cool! If you were sitting on this couch in my living room, I would roller skate up to you balancing a tray of burgers and strawberry milkshakes. Check out this Craigslist find!
Is this the automotive equivalent of pet taxidermy...
Duck Tape's Many Uses
Here is a fabulous example of Yankee ingenuity and excellent use of Duck Tape! I took this picture last week in a parking lot, they even tried to match their car's paint color! After a very successful "Tribute to WD-40," I was moved to put up a " Tribute to Duck Tape.…
Unique Father's Day Gift?
With Father's Day coming up, you may be wondering what to give the man who has everything. Problem solved! I found a four piece set featuring taxidermy that would be perfect for some Dad's man cave. This is not my bag, I'm more of a Pier One furniture girl...