If you're one of those people that will take a quick video for Instagram or TikTok while you're on a flight and there's a baby crying and you're captioning it with how miserable your life is, this probably isn't the game for you.

And also, give yourself a hug from me, because things could be worse.

However, if you're the proud, excited (and probably tired) parent of a newborn boy or girl, or even already celebrated your little nugget's first birthday, and you're ready to get out as a family and enjoy how much our area reeks of awesome -- then this is the game for you.


Portland Sea Dogs Special Games

Other than being known for the deliciousness of Sea Dogs biscuits, the absolute legend that is their mascot Slugger, and just being a real bank account-friendly option for a night out at the ballpark with family and/or friends, the Portland Sea Dogs are also known for some of the super fun event nights they put on.

Whether it's a Bark in the Park night where fans can bring their dogs to Hadlock for the game, or a night where they change identities and become the Bean Suppahs or the Red Snappahs and fans get to enjoy concession stand specials on said foods, the Sea Dogs always do something fun and outside the box so that baseball fans and also short-attention-span youngsters can enjoy the game.

In a few weeks, the Sea Dogs have planned what may be their best-smelling game ever (because seriously, who doesn't love the smell of new baby?)

Google Maps / Colin Maynard
Google Maps / Colin Maynard

Sea Dogs Baby's First Game

During the upcoming Labor Day Weekend in a few weeks on Sunday, September 3, the Sea Dogs are hosting their 'Baby's First Game' promo event at Hadlock Field, and it's as simple as the name.

For that afternoon's game, the Sea Dogs will help you celebrate your plunge into parenthood with two complimentary tickets to one of our planned baby games (i.e. if there's no availability left for the September 3 game, you'll be given tickets to a different game that is all about the babies), a pre-game family picture with Slugger, as well as an invite to participate in a pre-game baby parade, all according to Sea Dogs official website.

There's no real catch, either -- babies just have to be no more than 24 months old.

And to take it one step further, if you're worried about having to nurse or feed your baby during the game, the Sea Dogs have a special Nursing Nook as well as will have complimentary access to the pumpspotting mobile app.

Full information about the Nursing Nook and pumpspotting mobile app complimentary access can also be found on the Sea Dogs official website, as well as a link to order tickets to Baby's First Game!

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