It's been over two months since the Valentines Bandit blanketed the city of Portland with the love of big red hearts on pretty much every storefront and landmark.

What a great surprise for healthcare workers to see the a huge one magically appear hanging on the side of a Maine Medical Center parking garage today.

How? Who? We still don't know know for sure. There are a few folks out there who know the Valentines Bandit's identity but their lips are sealed (with a kiss). It's definitely the best kept secret around.

Yeah sure, there's a part of me that would like to see the hero or heroes who bring this gift to Portland every year. But I don't really need to know. After all, it's too much fun to be enchanted by the Portland Valentines Bandit, reminding us that love is all that matters.

The good people who make the tremendous undercover tradition happen each year for decades now, have beautifully recognized the biggest heroes of the pandemic.


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