The legalization of recreational marijuana got our entrepreneurial juices flowing with ideas of how we could possibly capitalize on this new business opportunity. My personal plan was for the EZ Bake Lounge. The concept is so simple, people would bring their own weed and we would supply a selection of baking mixes and toppings that could either become edibles or snacky snacks for hungry stoners. Each table would have it's own EZ Bake Oven to cook the treats. Brilliant, right?! Well, my plans have been foiled! According to the Sun Journal, pot social clubs will no longer be considered.

Initially voters approved social clubs as part of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Maine. However, lawmakers have stalled and fought for delays regarding social clubs. Now the Maine Marijuana Legalization Committee has removed all references to social clubs entirely from a proposed overhaul of the Marijuana Legalization Act.

The committee also gave the boot to a plan that would have shared Maine's pot tax revenues with communities willing to accept licensed cultivation, processing and retail businesses.

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