Your brain might be asking, "What am I looking at right now?" Well, after being inspired by 24-year-old Alex Craig of Texas, I am trying my hand at sending messages on vegetables. Before you dismiss the idea completely you should know that he is pulling in ten grand a month for writing messages on potatoes with a Sharpie and mailing them out in manilla envelopes! Check out his operation, Dude is making $10,000 a month sitting at his kitchen table writing on potatoes!

Here are my first prototypes:

One is an unapologetic statement about my missing pants. You will notice that I have expanded to carrots, something that Alex is not offering! My medium size potato sends an apology for forgetting my best friend's birthday for the 22nd year in a row.

If you need me to mail a potato anonymously for you, I'll do it for free, just because I need the experience before opening my shop. If you're wondering, Alex charges $7.99 for a medium potato and $9.99 for a large. You can fit an entire 140 character rant on the large potato!

Say it with a tuber.