What delicious adult beverage that features Tito's Handmade Vodka, will be chillin' in these bad boys? They are much bigger in person. I swooned when I saw them.

Do you think that we'll enjoy some Gritty's beer at Street Eats and Beats? We are pretty confident that you'll be thirsty. Our lobby has stacks of boxes filled with beer cups.


If you like your Flip Flop wine chilled, we're on it! These containers will be filled with ice to make sure you are satisfied and refreshed.


You won't be enjoying these beverages on an empty stomach either! We have twice as many food trucks as we did last year, featuring your local favorites, and fresh faces from away with something for everybody. The vibe is going to be humming, and if you are so inclined, we invite you to move that body to live music from Hello Newman and Southern City.

This is the hottest ticket of the spring! Be the early bird that gets that worm. And by worm, I'm referring to the  one free beer that you get with the ticket purchase price of a mere 10 bucks! $15 at the door and parking is five.

It's time to mingle.