According to WGME, a new program to reduce the number of lead poisoning cases in Maine each year has been approved. The Maine legislature has recently OK'd four million dollars to help landlords abate lead in a state where many older homes still have lead paint.

According to, lead is especially dangerous to young children because they are low to the ground where lead dust may settle and they frequently put their hands in their mouths.

Lead poisoning in kids can result in:

  • language and speech delays
  • learning disabilities
  • behavior problems
  • hearing damage
  • lower intelligence

Houses built before 1978 may contain lead, but most were built before 1950. There are plenty of those houses here in Maine. It's so important to do your research and lead testing before undergoing repairs or renovations on older homes.

Check out the Maine Housing Authority for more information to keep your family safe from lead poisoning.

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