One of the most common creatures people in Maine interact with is chipmunks. Unlike their larger and quite fidgety cousins, the squirrel, chipmunks in Maine tend to be quite friendly. Many people at campsites and in their backyards form a "friendship" with chipmunks, in some cases even hand feeding them. So, you know a chipmunk when you seem them. Unless of course, it's a very rare chipmunk that was spotted in the Sebago area just recently.

Shared on Facebook by Steve Doyon via the Maine Wildlife page, take a look at this special little chipmunk. Black chipmunks are quite rare, especially in the United States. They're referred to as melanistic chipmunks and their black coat is caused by a genetic anomaly. Here's a closer look from a person who had one living in her backyard outside of Maine.

More commonly seen (but still rare) are black squirrels. Black squirrels are just eastern gray squirrels with the same genetic anomaly that made this chipmunk have black fur. Black squirrels are more prominently found in the United States than black chipmunks. The genetic anomaly does not change their behavior, as they can be just as friendly as other chipmunks hanging around the neighborhood.

So if you're visiting the Sebago area anytime soon, keep an eye out. There's an incredibly rare wildlife friend that calls it home.

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