Here at WBLM only the best will do, and after 26 years in the "Cockpit of Love" I have become a bit of a Prima Donna. For instance, I require that the arms of my stool be re-covered every three months. Pricey? Sure. But I'm worth it. I did find my materials, (a roll of Duck Tape), at the discounted price of 97 cents at Jo-Ann Fabric on Saturday. It doesn't match the other arm, which was upholstered in flame patterned Duck Tape. But in the words of George Thorogood, "That don't confront me".

Let's look at where we started!

The cracked vinyl has worked it's way up through the flames, causing me much discomfort. In the absence of upholstery foam, I stacked some paper napkins from our kitchen to provide a little "cush".

The next step was had the highest level of difficulty. The cutting of the Duck Tape. Sounds simple? No. I ruined my co-worker's scissors. Thank goodness they will never know it was me. I then carefully applied my new tape.

And that's how you do it! Next time I will produce a YouTube tutorial.

For those of you wondering where I came across such an amazing piece of office furniture, I a regret having to tell you that it is one of a kind and unavailable at retail outlets. As I was leaving One City Center one day an office in our building was being remodeled and somehow this chair ended up with a sign reading "dump" on it. I saw it for the gem that it was. I was rolling it back into the building to put in our studio where it would have a place of honor as our best piece of furniture, when a worker saw me. I froze, smiled, and kept going. Their worst piece of furniture destined for the dump, is our best.

What extreme measures have you gone through to keep a piece of furniture in action? Comment or tweet #ducktapecouch