I was never onboard with the whole "Lumber-Sexual" movement that had great looking guys hiding under facial hair. Beards and mustaches are unattractive to me because I'm also a bit of a germaphobe. I wanted to shampoo all the mustaches and beards that became traps for crumbs, mayonnaise, beer and all manor of bodily excretions with Lestoil! It's also very distracting to talk to someone who has something stuck in their facial hair. What is the etiquette for that? Is it like telling someone that they have spinach in their teeth, or is it part of the look? O.K., enough of my rant. Here is some survey information that will give you insight to the connection between bad behavior and goatees, beards and mustaches!

  • Men with long mustaches are more likely to be cheaters.
  • Guys with goatees are more likely to get into fights, they also steal more.
  • Dudes with bushy beards get fired more frequently.
  • 62% of women prefer a clean-shaven face.

The take away from the survey is that dudes with beards are truly outlaw bad asses! All those professors with goatees apparently have a dark side.

Do you have an opinion? Is there anything stranger than when someone who has had facial hair for a long time shaves it off? So weird, right?! Give the thumbs up or down for beards and such on our Fan Page or tweet #beards

Mark Curdo's beard is excluded from this rant. I like his because it's on his face.