Pass the hand sanitizer and give that beard a bath! Those big hipster beards are perfect incubation for all sorts of nasty germs, festering foods, bacteria from colds and germs transferred from your hands while petting it like a chuhuahua, germs like E-Coli! Bleck! A study found that some beards are as dirty as toilets. You wanna' kiss that?

These guys take their beards seriously. Hot or not?

And now, an explanation  of why beards may be on their way out. They are too popular?!

So that's the news on beards. Where do you stand on this pressing subject? Ladies, do you love the feel of a beard against your bare skin, or does it feel more like astro-turf than a teddy bear? Guys, do you love not having to shave, or does having a beard make you feel dirty and itchy? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #bigbeard

My favorite beard belongs to Mark Curdo.