When we tell people that comedian Bert Kreischer is coming to Portland, the response is usually...who?

Now, when we say...you know, the shirtless comedian who does that bit about ending up in the Russian mafia while on a college trip with his Russian language class. (he also tells the story of how mobsters dubbed him, "The Machine")

People are like...oh yeah, that dude.

Maybe you've seen him on as Bert the Conqueror on the Travel Channel  or on his Showtime comedy special Bert Kreischer: The Machine.

Well next March you can see him live and shirtless right here, for the first time in Portland, Maine.

He'll bring his all-new "The Berty Boy" tour to Merrill Auditorium on Sunday March 1, 2020.

You can also win tickets this week on the WBLM Afternoon Express.

If you haven't heard the now legendary story of how Bert became "The Machine" at 22, watch the hilariously inappropriate NSFW video below.




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