We Mainers enjoy a very laid back lifestyle and despite summer road construction, I can assure you that our traffic is lighter and moves faster than most parts of the country. So why the grumpy faces and single finger salutes? Kars4Kids is a summer driving awareness program and they conducted a survey that evaluates driver courtesy across these great United States. Maine drivers got a D-. That's right, all you nice seeming folks with your cunning chickadee license plates are some of the rudest in the country! The worst drivers when it came to good manners and sportsmanship while driving were in New York, coming in dead last at #50, but Maine drivers were close behind at #45! The reasons for our low grade can be attributed to: speeding up when another car is trying to pass us, not letting traffic merge and not using our turn signals. Could we please all work toward a better grade?!

Here is a rundown of states with the rudest drivers:

41. Iowa

42. Pennsylvania

43. Oklahoma

44. Georgia

45. MAINE!

46. Wisconsin

47. Louisianna

48. Arkansas

49. South Carolina

50. New York

The sweetest drivers in the country are waving you into traffic in:

1. Idaho

2. New Mexico

3. Orgeon

4. Montana

5. Alaska

6. Hawaii

7. Colorado

8. Washington

9. Vermont

10. New Hampshire


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