What, am I made of stone?! Who could resist THE most awesome tissues that glorify my favorite football team?! I intend to use these to wipe away tears of joy and dropped salsa during the game today.

I have a stash of Patriots stuff that lives in the bottom right hand corner of my closet. I have a set of three Pats necklaces and a Patriots shirt that has sequins on it. For Christmas I gave my sister Danielle Patriots sweats, last year I got her a T-shirt that says, "Don't talk to me if the game is on" with a Patriots logo.

I've made some fashion missteps when it comes to my favorite team. I know that sounds impossible, but here's the story:

Last year Captain and I went to spring training camp and not knowing what to expect, I thought I should be properly attired. Herb, (Captain) and I went out to the Pats store and I bought my sequined shirt, a sweatshirt for Danielle, a hat for my brother and a foam finger for good measure. I lugged my bag of shwag with the foam finger sticking out and my sequined shirt glowing in the sun to training camp. Everyone else in the press section was in full-press business attire. The female reporters were expertly navigating the damp grass in high heels and pencil skirts. I was WAAAY underdressed and looking more like a stalker fan than a member of the media.

After reading that story, it should come as no surprise to you that while grocery shopping I bought Patriots tissues. What Patriots merch do you have? Let's see it! Post it on our Fan Page.

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