Now wait a minute, it's been surprising to see leaves already starting to scatter across my front yard in Westbrook.

Doesn't that seem kind of early for that to start happening?

The colors have barely started to appear on our maple trees so the leaves that have fallen are mostly still green.

And on top of all that, we still have the air conditioners in the windows.

So imagine our "Holy crap" when we heard talk of snow possible Thursday night in Maine.

Luckily for us in southern Maine, it's only predicted to possibly fall up north in the County. But jeez Louise, any talk of snow this early gives us the heebie jeebies.

"Little in the way of accumulation is expected, except there may be some minor slushy accumulation by early Friday morning, mainly across the higher terrain from the Katahdin region north."

News Center Maine and WMTW are reporting cold rain for most of us Thursday night into Friday morning, so that's a relief.

Even better, they say we've got a beautiful fall weekend on the way.

Hopefully, we'll get some color on those maple trees in Westbrook by then.

Like it or not, the Stahm Centah theme song will be playing again on Channel 6 before we know it...preparing us Mainahs for "Snow, Sleet, Rain...Whatevah!"

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