This is one of many thongs in my "Rock Thong" collection. This Def Leppard number, (never been worn BTW), is one of many that I've collected. Thongs were so popular in the 90's that they were selling them at rock show concession stands along with band T-shirts!

So, a while back I blogged about a new hair trend, Granny Hair. Why do twenty somethings want gray hair?! I don't get it! Here is the next aging trend, Granny Panties! Hipsters are are opting for more coverage when it comes to underpinnings. Sales of women's thong underwear dropped 7% last year and are being replaced by bigger options. Full-bottom coverage undies are up 17%! Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart are all rocking them on stage and off. They may be called tall shorts, or hot pants, but the high-waisted underwear is definitely a trend! You can buy collections of Granny Panties on eBay! This company, "Me and You", inspired "belfies', which are selfies for the behind! Their best seller is a pair of big, white cotton underpants with the word "Feminist" printed in pink bubble letters across the booty, and they constantly sell out! Many women find the style flattering because it's a throw-back to a time when women had different body shapes. They define a woman's waist while covering areas that they are less confident about. Confidence equals sexiness. Other women find them to be a statement about not trying too hard to be sexy and to going back to function over fashion. Bottom line, (pardon the pun), is that millennials think they are cool and that thongs have had their moment and they are so over it!

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Seriously though, they are so comfortable.