We thought there might be some snow in the Portland area yesterday, but we got zilch. It all ended up in Downeast Maine. Tonight into tomorrow is a different story. It doesn't look like we'll be wearing our Stahm Centah Sweatahs (like our friends at Channel 6). Looks like we won't need to do much more than sweep the steps and shovel a little, so how much we gonna get?

Here's the latest from the National Weather Service in Gray.

Keith Carson of Newscenter Maine posted on his Facebook page, that snowy weather is likely to return as we head into February.

My Nana always used to tell me that February is the snowiest month in a Maine winter. In fact I was born on the day of a blizzard on Feb 23rd.

You know what we say! This is Maine, we got this. "Snow, Sleet, Rain...Whatevah!"

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