It is the first week of November and I am one the dumbasses that hasn't taken the air conditioner out of our second floor bedroom window. I tell ya what. It has been mighty drafty up there over the past few days as that cold wind was blowing. Those accordion side panels don't keep the chill from creeping in, not one little bit.

Well now with the latest forecast for the rest of the week, I may feel like I actually be a genius for leaving the AC in the window. You see according to our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray, the 60s are coming back to Maine. Groovy baby.

That's especially great news for my wife Sherry and I as we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this weekend. We weren't too psyched about celebrating outdoors with dinner and drinks and now that idea is way more appealing. After mornings of seeing frost covered cars in the driveway, we can enjoy a little taste of springtime in November.  You can also see above that the warm up looks like it will into next week. Nice!

NewsCenter Maine Meteorologist Keith Carson posted this hopeful news on his Facebook page this week too further building my confidence that we can have good times outside and leave that AC in just a little bit longer.

With the warm weather predicted for the Northeast for the next several days, let's make it a point to go support our great local restaurants and bars that working hard to keep us safe with outdoor seating. Remember, winter is coming so let's enjoy this unusual fall warmth while we can.

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