My wife and I were lucky to take last week off right through Labor Day. We live in Vacationland so no need to leave home for a relaxing time as summer winds down. Our time away from the job included numerous trips from Westbrook to Standish for some fun in the sun on Sebago Lake.

Everytime we cruised down the down the River Road we would exclaim, "Wow look, there's another dead squirrel!" It seemed as though there was poor little critter every few hundred feet or so.

We both looked at each other and agreed that there's a surprisingly greater amount of dead squirrels in the road than we've seen in the past here in Maine. Turns out, it's not just our perception.

According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, the squirrel population has boomed this year resulting from "a bumper crop of acorns pine cones and other staples."

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