According to the Bangor Daily News, the huge Victorian home that Stephen and Tabitha King own in Bangor could become a writers' retreat and an archive location for all of his works, if the city council approves a zone change.

The Kings don't live in the house full time anymore, as they pretty much split their time between their house in Lovell and another in Sarasota, Florida, the newspaper stated. The couple doesn't want the Bangor house to become more of a tourist destination, but it would be a wonderful place for creatives to get away to work on projects and to house Stephen King's collection of manuscripts, photos, videos, notes, audio and articles, according to the BDN.

The West Broadway house would also be the headquarters for the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation.

The house is already a landmark with it's spooky spider web iron gates with iron bats on top of them. There's no missing that a horror writer lives in the rust colored Victorian.

Neighbors, property owners and lawyers are holding meetings and going over the plans that would slowly be implemented over a few years, if they are approved.

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