I love a sport that rewards hard work with jewelry!

Super Bowl Championship rings are highly coveted, here's more about them:

  • The New England Patriots created the biggest ring yet when they won Super Bowl XXXIX, that ring is a whopping 110 grams!
  • Super Bowl rings have gotten so big that even the enormous linebackers can't wear them! At 110 grams, the Super Bowl XXXIX ring weighs the same as 20 nickels or 40 pennies!
  • Steelers players were not happy with the size of their Super Bowl XL rings. By 2002, rings were weighing in at 60-70 grams. They later corrected this, when they won Super Bowl XLV their rings were a 100 grams.
  • Not only are the rings gargantuan, the presentation boxes are out of control too. They have evolved from a 2 inch velvet ring holder, to a box with full-color graphics, a glass viewing window and it can weigh up to 5 pounds.
  • The losing team gets a ring too, it's called the AFC or NFC Championship ring. They have less bling and are smaller than the winner's rings. But they are still totally impressive.
  • The winning team's ownership and management choose the company that designs the ring. Josten's has created 30 of the 47 rings.  The owners and managers also decide what other commemorative pieces will be created for fans, whether to make jewelry available to family and friends and whether to issue a lower cost Super Bowl ring to front-office staff.
  • The NFL puts a $7,000 limit per ring and pays for the first 150 rings that are produced, the team picks up the tab for extras.

They look like napkin rings to me.