1st Civic Center Show

Blimp Time-Hop: ZZ Top Opens The Civic Center In ’77
On March 3, 1977, WBLM welcomed ZZ Top for the inaugural night of rock at the CCCC on the Worldwide Texas tour. That “lil’ ol’ band from Texas” was on the road in support of their album, Tejas featuring It’s Only Love and Arrested for Driving While Blind. Opening t…
Today’s Blimp Time-Hop
It's is a mighty significant anniversary for Portland, Maine! 41 years ago today, the very first event happened at the Civic Center. And of course here in Blimpville, the first event was a Rock Concert!
Tonight's WBLM Mini-Concert
34 years ago, Rod Stewart made his first appearance at the Civic Center. This tour was in support of his album, Tonight I'm Yours. The album featured the title track and Young Turks showcasing his new direction into 80s synth-pop. He was getting a lot of airplay on MTV with his embracing o…