40 years ago today, Billy Joel performed live at the Civic Center in Portland for the very first time. It was on the 52nd Street tour. With WBLM spinning the ‘new’ tracks, My Life and Big Shot as well as deeper cuts like Stiletto and Zanzibar, the CCCC was packed to capacity on April 13, 1979 for the Piano Man and his band.

This was the first of 5 appearances at Portland’s biggest venue over the years, all of them were sold-out shows. Thanks for all the love, Billy! When ya comin’ back to Maine? What? Never? Ok. See ya at Fenway, bub.

We can't find what he played in Portland that night. Here's what Billy played the next night in Providence. Wow, no Big Shot?


In September, Billy Joel will be playing Fenway Park for an unprecedented sixth summer in a row.

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Watch this awesome performance of Zanzibar from the 52nd Street album in ’79…in particular Billy's super crazy Hammond B3 solo that starts at 3:12. Absolutely Killin’ it!!