I was just scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and came across some news that made me sad. This poor little buddy was evidently hit by a car yesterday in Southern Maine according to a post from the York Police Department.

The post also says that Forrest Brenske the animal control officer in the photo, brought the injured owl to the Center for Wildlife. That great organization is located in Cape Neddick.

The Center for Wildlife reminds us all on their Facebook page,

"If you have found an injured or orphaned animal, you should call our Wildlife Assistance Hotline immediately at 207-361-1400 so that the animal has the best chance at immediate care."

The person whose vehicle struck this beautiful creature likely feels terrible. With so many amazing wild critters living alongside us in our  state, hitting one at some point is unfortunately something that many Maine drivers have in common.

I still feel bad for hitting a squirrel with my El Camino while I was about to cross the Memorial Bridge in Augusta. This happened when I was about 17. Seeing this story about the owl brings that unhappy memory right back as I write this.

We wish this beautiful owl a speedy recovery. Thanks again to the person who brought the hurtin' fellah to the police. Thank you as well to Officer Brenske for handling the owl with care and getting it to the fantastic healers at the Center for Wildlife.

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